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      2. Talent recruitment

        Salary and welfare

        Diversified salary composition: salary = fixed salary + performance salary + double salary at the end of the year + additional salary (such as project appraisal Award)

        Reward: year end salary adjustment, equity incentive, year-end appraisal (excellent individual, excellent team, etc.)

        Five insurances and one fund

        Pay five insurances and one fund

        Canteen welfare

        Free working meal

        Dormitory benefits

        Complete supporting facilities and check in with bags

        Holiday welfare

        Welfare will be paid on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and Spring Festival

        Birthday benefits

        Creative birthday gift

        Shuttle bus benefits

        Fixed line, pick-up service

        The facilities are complete

        Study book bar, gym, basketball court and other leisure places

        Fringe benefits

        Annual physical examination, paid annual leave, high temperature leave, seniority award, etc

        Recruitment position
        • Job title
        • Salary
        • Workplace
        • Number
        • Date

        mailbox:sales@sanxin-med.com     Postcode:330000     Telephone:0791-85950356 Ms. huang

        Address:No.999, Fushan Avenue, Xiaolan economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

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